[VPM] Meeting

Darren Duncan darren at DarrenDuncan.net
Wed Sep 15 13:33:51 CDT 2004

At 10:35 AM -0700 9/15/04, Peter Scott wrote:
>Okay, if we had a consensus I must have missed it, so here's my 
>suggestion for next week's meeting:
>I'll talk on Perl's command line flag (use of -l, -p, -F, that kind 
>of thing) and ramifications thereof.  I'll do most of it on a 
>whiteboard since the supporting material is just perldoc perlrun. 
>I'd prefer to keep it to under an hour and give someone else a 
>chance to talk about something brief in the other half.  How's that 

That works for me.

I could introduce my database portability modules in the second hour, 
mostly on the white board, and without running code or handouts. 
While I may have running code by then, I wouldn't count on it. 
Considering my progress rate, I certainly shouldn't take up the whole 
2 hours.

Of course, if someone else has something to discuss in the second 
hour, I'll put off my thing until October, when I can do a much 
better job of it (not that I can't do a lot of good even now).

Has anyone in the group not talked yet?

BTW, that "Tim Oreilly in a Nutshell" book is a great read.

-- Darren Duncan

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