[VPM] Meeting?

Darren Duncan darren at DarrenDuncan.net
Thu Sep 9 12:44:54 CDT 2004

At 9:47 AM -0700 9/9/04, Peter Scott wrote:
>Victoria.pm's next meeting will be Sep 21.  Who wants to present, or 
>has a request for a topic?

It's going to be close, but I *may* be able to give an updated 
version of my database talk from July, but this version would 
demonstrate my new database portability CPAN modules in use.  More 
specifically, said talk would focus on introducing those modules, say 
how they work, and giving use examples.  The problem is that they are 
pre-alpha at the moment, and while the infrastructure is there, I 
haven't actually tested them to do more than connect/disconnect a 
database.  I plan to have table creation, table reverse engineering, 
and basic data manipulation done within the next couple weeks, the 
minimum needed for a proper demo, but it would be close.  And since 
I'm focused on making the code, I don't have time to make a slide 
show.  On the other hand, I could draw diagrams on the white/black 

Peter, re your demo machine, you may want to start now looking into 
getting multiple database engines installed, to avoid unknown 
problems later.  The SQLite was easy, as you know, though I plan to 
use 3.0.x (curr 'beta', planned 'stable' within a few weeks) this 
time around.  You could also try installing MySQL 4.1.4+ (curr 
'gamma', probably stable any month now) and PostgreSQL 7.4.5+ (curr 
'stable'; 8.0 is 'beta').  On my part, I haven't installed those on 
my system yet, but I plan to during the next week as that's what I'll 
use for my next big round of dev/testing following today's CPAN 
release.  Do this just if you have time and a good backup.

So if we don't come up with something else for Sept 21, then I'll talk.

Note that if I don't talk Sept 21, I definitely will in October.

>Also, who missed Abram's Parse::RecDescent talk and would like to 
>see it repeated?  I was there and it was so good *I* would like to 
>see it again.

I was at that talk, and something similar would be good for a repeat. 
However, doing the *same* thing 2 months in a row seems excessive.

OTOH, something that might work is that, if I give the above talk in 
Sept, then I could collaborate with Abram for an October talk where I 
have actually put Parse::RecDescent to work in my module (that won't 
be in time for Sept), so his re-presentation could include an actual 
working example of moderate complexity (that parses VIEW/SELECT and 
PROCEDURE/FUNCTION create sql, for example).

-- Darren Duncan

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