[VPM] deallocating memory of multi-threaded server while IDLE.

Eric ef at kwinternet.com
Wed Feb 11 14:13:11 CST 2004


Is this more connected with the Kernel or with POSIX compliance? I know that the Kernel is responsible for supporting/implementing POSIX, but is it the support of POSIX that causes the problem or is it  
a not related Kernel issue?  I wonder because I have heard that same phrase in reference to this discussion before about "Unix and its variants" Common thread that I know of in that case is POSIX



At 11:51 AM 2/11/2004, Peter Scott wrote:
>At 11:39 AM 2/11/2004 -0800, Eric wrote:
>>I don't have time to dig up the exact quote.  But that is not the case. I can't remember if it was in advanced perl or the Camel book that talked about this. It might have been perltoot or another man page too. Wish I could remember.
>On Unix and variants, a process never decreases its memory footprint.  Once you allocate memory it is unavailable to other processes until the process terminates.
>>At 11:30 AM 2/11/2004, Darren Duncan wrote:
>>>At 7:38 AM -0800 2/11/04, Eric Frazier wrote:
>>>>Not that it matters that much, but I believe this is a OS level issue,
>>>>not even Perl.
>>>My understanding is that other applications can return memory to the system while they are running, in which case the OS supports it. -- Darren Duncan
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