[VPM] Help in reference

Philip Yuson plyuson at conceptsolutionsbc.com
Fri Dec 3 14:55:35 CST 2004

I've found the problem, it is with the program itself.

Thanks for your help...

Peter Scott wrote:
> At 5:32 PM -0800 12/2/04, Darren Duncan wrote:
>> On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Philip Yuson wrote:
>>>  I am having a problem with a script.
>>>  The script defines two instaces of a class ($o an $j of package parse)
>>>  The parse package defines an array reference. For some reason, it
>>>  defines the same reference address for both packages:
>>>  sub    build {
>>>     my $self = shift;
>>>     my $a = [];
>>>     return $a;
>>>  }
>>>  my $o_a = $o->build;
>>>  my $j_a = $j->build;
>>>  if you print $o_a and $j_a, they both have the same reference address:
>>>  ex: ARRAY(0X94ce680)
>>>  The build method is a lot complicated but I just shortened it.
>>>  Is this a bug in Perl or is this a bug in my program?
>> Does this bug still occur in your shortened version?  If it does,
>> then...
>> Try renaming $a to
>> something else.  The names $a and $b have special meanings to Perl, like
>> $_ does, though possibly only in certain contexts like explicit sorting.
>> See if it works with a name like $foo instead of $a.
> The way it's written that isn't going to make any difference. Something 
> got changed in the process of summarizing the problem for the list, 'cos 
> what's shown can't cause the problem and I really doubt it's a bug in Perl.
> We need to see the shortest version of the code that actually 
> demonstrates the problem.

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