[VPM] new book on Perl 6 is out

Darren Duncan darren at DarrenDuncan.net
Thu Jun 26 20:11:38 CDT 2003

nathanael said:
>If you have funny money, are interested in All Things Perl, and don't like
>reading the Apocalypse/Exegesis articles, this would be a great purchase.  I
>dunno, I for one am not terribly interested in programming Parrot or the
>intermediate compiler (not yet anyway), we all know the philosophies brought
>to bear in Perl6 already, and syntax etc. is covered in aforementioned
>articles in as much detail as you could want for a language that isn't even
>finalized yet.

Well, I have read all of the Exegesis, and some of the Apocalypses, although I tended to skim over the one on regular expressions after the first few pages.

I thought that this book might be good for collecting together what is known so far in a concise manner, and would be mainly useful in bringing newcomers up to speed, in case people want to contribute to further development, or start planning their own extensions.  Sort of like how people can start writing apps for a new operating system that isn't ready for casual users to use yet, so that when it is, your app or extension is ready right away.

Now, what is "funny money"?

Thank you for your feedback. -- Darren Duncan

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