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Scott McWhirter scott+vancouver.pm at konobi.co.uk
Wed Jan 14 12:06:19 PST 2009

Hi all,

I'm just letting you know that as of today, I've taken over as leader of
Vancouver Perl Mongers. Thanks muchly to Chris Simmons for his leadership
until now!

We've been rather bad at getting meetings going, both technical and social.
I'm hoping to improve upon this.

When I was down at PDX.pm a while back, I asked a bunch of questions about
how they were able to maintain the velocity they had with their meetings and
attendance. The answer was fairly obvious, but was good to hear. The key
seems to be to make it regular and have a meeting no matter what.

So from now on, Vancouver.pm meetings will be held on the "Second Thursday"
of each month. Chris has said that Sophos would still be willing to host us
and I'm hoping groups like Activestate and Gossamer Threads would be willing
to help out if we were stuck from time to time. The aim will be to have
technical talks at each of these meetings and a drink afterwards; if there
are no technical talks, we'll have have a social meeting.

For Feburary I have a talk that I want to give, Luke Closs wants to give a
talk and I have a non-perl friend who would like to give a talk on something
shiny. If anyone has anything cool, exciting or interesting that they would
like to talk about, just let me know!

I'd like to hear feeback from folks on any questions or suggestions they


-Scott McWhirter- | -konobi-
Technology Consultant - Cloudtone Studios
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