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Mon Apr 27 17:07:51 PDT 2009

Hi all,

Ken sent this but it got bounced by mailman.


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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 16:34:53 -0700
Subject: Servers for sale
Hi Everyone,
We recently moved all of our hosting "into the cloud" and thus have a
number of servers available for purchase. I'm willing to accept any
reasonable offer and can take payment by credit card, cash, or cheque.
Here's what we have:
1 SunFire X2100 with Dual Opteron CPUs ($800 on eBay)
1 Dell PowerEdge 2850 w/ 2 Atlas 146GB 10K SCSI drives ($500 on eBay)
1 Dell PowerEdge 1850 w/ 2 Atlas 72GB 10K SCSI drives ($250?)
2 Older, generic 2U rack-mount servers (without rack kits), one with
2x 36GB RAID SCSI drives, and one with just a single SATA drive
Looks like about $2K worth of stuff - enough for us to buy a fully
automated espresso machine, which is far more useful. If you're
interested, please make me an offer - as I said, any reasonable offer
will be accepted. I just really want to convert these to cash but
don't have the time to fiddle with eBay for hours.
Ken Simpson

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