[Van-pm] REMINDER: Tech Meeting, 9th April 2009 @ Gossamer Threads, 7pm

Scott McWhirter scott+vancouver.pm at konobi.co.uk
Fri Apr 3 13:27:14 PDT 2009

Hi all,

Thanks to all who made it to the last meeting. The turnout was great and I
believe everyone had an informative and enjoyable evening. Next we have our
"Tools" topic night.

NB: We're at a different venue this time, the details are below. Thanks muchly
to Alex Krohn and the guys at Gossamer for use of their space.

I must also ask people to remember that the meeting is at 7pm and that late
arrivals can be very distracting to speakers. Can we please try to arrive as
close to 7pm as possible (thanks).

There are 3 talks lined up:

* Luke Closs - "Introduction Git"
  NB: Luke requests that people bring their laptops with git installed

* Jerome Pimmel - "Behaviour Driven Development with EasyB"
  EasyB leverages Groovy with a simple readable DSL for writing BDD style tests.

* Kevin Jones - "Introduction to Shindig"

We also have several lightning talks lined up:

* Andy Gibbs - "Pipeline Processing with Perl"
* Michael Nachbaur - "Test::A8N for human-readable system tests"
* Michael Nachbaur - "Using Git post-update hooks for live site deployments"
* Scott McWhirter - "What is a lightning talk?"

If anyone feels like doing a lightning talk about any topic at all,
please feel free
to add yourself to the lineup on the wiki or drop me an email and I'll add you.


Gossamer Threads have graciously offered space for our meeting. Their office
is located on the west side of Granville St close to the intersection with West
Pender St on the 5th Floor of 455 Granville St.
(Google map: http://xrl.us/bekhbb)

After-meeting drinks:

The Jolly Tax Payer Pub @ 828 West Hastings Street. I personally haven't
been, so i can't describe exactly where it is. Hopefully someone will
fill in the

Background on speakers:

Luke - Local Vancouver perl hacker and juggler at large. Luke develops
software for wiki group Socialtext and is active with groups such as
Vancouver hackspace, FreeGeek and is the maintainer for the perl bindings
for Selenium RC.

Kevin - Local Vancouver perl hacker. Kevin works with Luke and several of
the other Vancouver.pm members at Socialtext.

Jerome Pimmel - Jerome is a consultant & developer who is passionate about
development as a craft and employs test-driven strategies to make quick forward
momentum possible when building apps. His background is that of Java developer,
now branching into Groovy/Grails.

Other details:

It turns out that quite a few van.pm-ers are going to be attending the
conference this year. If anyone else wishes to come along and travel
as a group we'd be more than happy to share arrangements.
Current details are on the wiki at http://xrl.us/bemtkc

The Vancouver.pm wiki is available at http://www.socialtext.net/vanpm/
or available through http://vancouver.pm.org

I have also set up a LinkedIn Vancouver Perl Mongers group available here:


-Scott McWhirter- | -konobi-

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