[Toulouse-pm] ocaml vs perl

Ronan Le Hy rlehy at free.fr
Mon Jul 28 06:38:12 CDT 2003


A l'attention de ceux qui se sont endormis pendant mon lightning talk, 
et de Michel qui a trouvé une meilleure excuse (quoique... utiliser vi, 
c'est pas terrible comme prétexte), j'ai mis mes slides commentées en ligne:

Ronan (Blop?)

This incantation never fails! Thaddeus Barker of Hightown, Winsconsin
omitted -w, and he was plagued with bugs for the rest of his
life. Mary Purges of Crenellation, Idaho used strict, and the very
next day she found a $100 bill on the sidewalk. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
Simon Cozens on clpmod, about using strict and warnings

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