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Thu Jul 10 12:52:55 CDT 2003


Bon, desole pour le retard dans les compte-rendus, mais le reseau ici a
toujours des problemes, sans parler du bar qui est souvent ouvert ;--)

  Keynotes: Tim O'Reilly
    I must say I was a little foggy this morning (see picture of
    last night ;--( so I don't have much to say. You can find an
    nterview of Tim there: and my report on the Perl6 talk from

  Lightning Talks
    Stop using XML everywhere! Damn It!
    Robert Spier and Ask
        A new perl.org !

        A talk I already saw at YAPC, about a regular small
        company that switched to Open Source, notably replacing
        Access. A nice success story.

    CPAN, The Next Generation
        Autrijus Trang

        Describes how CPAN works so far. The Mac has resolution
        problems, niark niark! Lets start again... So he shows us
        a huge graphic describing the really complex process
        needed to put a module on CPAN.

        New tools available: CPANPLUS (replaces CPAN), Test::*
        (Simple, More...), Module::Build and Module::Install
        (replace Extutil::MakeMaker), Module::Release,
        Test::Reporter, rt.cpan.org, PAR, Meta.yml...

        Cool! I did not know about Module::Release

   How to get hired
        Andy Lester (petdance)

        His advice: make sure you apply for jobs you will like,
        or you will hate your life later on. Ignore Monster.com
        and al, no one gets hired through them, perl jobs works
        though (he got his last 2 jobs this way). Dress properly,
        do not be afraid of asking questions.

    The Perl date and Time Project
        Dave Rolsky

    Part-of-speech tagging
        Aaron Coburn

        He has problems with his Mac (niark...)

        He describes a software that analyzes English text and
        tags words with their role in the sentence, based on a
        Markov Model of the language. It's on CPAN

    5 Damian Modules in 5 minutes
        Walt Mankowski

        5 modules from Damian that are actually useful:

          Lingua::EN::Inflect : convert singular to plural
          Switch              : a last the C C<switch> in Perl... except  this one
                                is on steroids
          Class::Multimethods : lets you do C++ style overloading
          Attribute::Types    : lets you type variables
          NEXT                : allows a class to redispatch methods (it  does not
                                stop when the first appropriate method is  found in
                                the inheritance tree, but lets you look  for a method
                                by that name in an other part of
                                by that name in an other part of this  tree)

    New Syntax for Links in POD
        Ronald Kimball


        He proposes to have the target of the link marked using

          L< p<perlre> Perl Regular Expression>
          L< u<http://www.perl.com> Perl.com>


    My Favourite CPAN modules
        A rap in Chinese by Autrijus Trang

        Draws a standing ovation from a stunned crowed

    Saving the World with Inline.m
        Schuyler Erle

        How to use Inline to embed an ugly C library into Perl to
        project data in lat/Long on a Dymaxion projection

    Complexity Mangement
        A song by Piers Crawley

        The power (and danger!) of *just*.

    10 Great non-O'Reilly Books
        OO Perl (Damian Conway - Manning) Effective Perl
        Programming (Joseph Hall) Network Programing in Perl
        (Lincoln Stein) mod_perl Developer's Cookbook

        Code Complete (Steve McConnell) The Pragmatic Programmer
        (A Hunt and D Thomas) The Practice of System and Network

        The Elements of Style (Strunk/White) 7 habits of highly
        effective people (I don't know about this one) The Brand
        New 50 (Tom Peters)

        Tim Maher

        A module that implements the shell "select" loop, except
        better. It allows you very simply to write little
        interactive tools.

    Allison's Restaurant
        A song by Allison Randal

  What's new in Parrot
        Dan Sugalski

        The most often used word in the talk: *cool*

        The JIT works, and is is really really *cool*, IMCCs
        work, C library-call-outs... without having to write ANY
        C code, Objects are done (single-inheritance so far),

  Little Languages in Parrot

        Pretty pictures (a parrot, a cool Question logo),
        introduction to Parrot, presentation of all the potential
        little languages that could use Parrot (regexps, sed/awk,
        SQL), "real" languages that actually use it: brainfuck,
        Ook, befunge, Basic, lua.

        And now... Perl 5, with Ponie

        Clinton Pierce wrote a Basic on Parrot.

        Exceptions: not resumable by default but it can be done
        with continuations

        Threads are not implemented but the design takes them
        into account

        According to Dan Leo is at least 3 people, maybe 4.

        No Z-machine yet though :--(

Michel Rodriguez
Perl &amp; XML

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