[Toulouse-pm] OSCON, Lundi

Michel Rodriguez mirod at xmltwig.com
Mon Jul 7 21:15:26 CDT 2003


Juste un court message pour aujourd'hui: je voudrais pas poster mes notes
relativements detaillees sur les 2 cours que j'ai pris aujourd'hui sans
avoir verifie avec les instructeurs que c'est OK... certains d'entre eux
en vivent.

Donc juste le reste...

    I got here on Sunday night, checked in, and headed towards the main
    conference hotel, a 5 minute walk away. There I quickly spotted Haim,
    playing with his brand new Mac (shiny!), and soon Eric Cholet joined
    us, along with way too many mod_perl people (Stas, Geoff...) for me t
    feeL  comfortable ;--)

    The general comment on Stas' and Eric's Book: it's BIG!

    Once again this year it looks like everybody here has a Mac. As they all
    look the same, I wonder how many people will end up swapping them. As
    yet-another-side-note: Mac users seem to have problems with any device
    that does not conform to Apple's Gui Standard: Eric could not figure out
    how to use his O'Reilly bag for example. OTOH I had the worst time
    configuring my Linux laptop to connect to the O'Reilly wireless network
    instead of the hotel network (mostly because everybody else was making
    fun of me while I was fumbling with my config files ;--(

    I got kind of a revenge later on when the wireless network went AWOL and
    O'Reilly started handing out flyers asking all mac users to turn out
    Rendez-vous because it could be the source of the problem... niark
    niark (although at this point I had no connection either so I wasn't
    laughing that hard). The latest rumour is that the problems were caused by a
    rogue Windows machine running a network with the same ID as the O'Reilly
    one though...

A plus

Michel Rodriguez
Perl & XML

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