[tpm] Lightning Talks roundup / Thanks to TEK Systems for hosting

Alex Beamish talexb at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 19:44:14 PDT 2017

Greetings all,

Well, I've finally hosted my first Perlmongers meeting -- about time, after
coming out to these meetings for close to twenty years.

We had a number of talks, each one followed by some good discussion,
covering a variety of topics. There was going to be one more talk by Stuart
Watt, but he was a little later than expected, and by then we'd moved on to
the pub -- happy ending, he found us OK. Beer is important.

In my haste to get things started on time, I went straight for the video
chat with Yannick, who was calling in from Ottawa -- and I neglected to
actually go through Google Hangouts and record the meeting. Ugh. So no
record remains of this meeting -- I'll get this right the next time.

I also didn't open the chat window, so missed that I'd not turned on screen
sharing for the first talk about Autovivification by Tom Legrady. The folks
watching the transmission could hear Tom, but not see his slides. Ugh. I'll
get that next time too.

Alice and Vaughan of TEK Systems kindly hosted us at their office, and even
provided some snacks and pop, and it sounds like they are willing to host
us regularly -- this is a great opportunity for our little group.

And if this group is looking for an organizer, I will volunteer to take
over from Dave Doyle and be speaker wrangler for, say, the next year. It
sounds like Shawn S has a talk on Test-PostgreSQL he'd like to do, and
Stuart has an NVidia talk that should be ready by then. I also have a short
presentation on ETL that I'd like to give. If anyone else has an idea, let
me know -- it would be nice to be able to say -- "Sorry, this month is full

Meetup.com has, I think, worked very well for this group, with at least two
new group members who came to tonight's meeting, one of whom did a
presentation AT HIS FIRST MEETING. I have a paid account on meetup.com, so
perhaps we can talk about some account rationalization plan (we only need a
single paid account). Also, Stuart gave me $10 towards the annual
subscription cost, and I want to make sure that goes to the right person.

So, that's my report -- please discuss. And lets plan to meet in October --
how does Thursday the  26th sound?

Alex Beamish

Software Developer / https://ca.linkedin.com/in/alex-beamish-5111ba3
Baritone, Board Member, Toronto Northern Lights, 2013 Champions /
Certified Contest Administrator, Barbershop Harmony Society /
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