[tpm] Thursday's Lightning Talks

Alex Beamish talexb at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 20:25:58 PDT 2017

Hi All,

I'm the organizer for this month's meeting, and we have a collection of
talks, with the following presenters:

  Stuart: Ansible: for all your deployment needs / and possibly .. NVidia
Jetson kit for AI
  Tom: Adventures in Autovivification
  Jordan: A sous-vide presentation (possibly -- haven't heard anything
further from Jordan)
  Yanick: Something from Ottawa (ideally, less than 3,000 slides)
  Seki: How to contribute to OSS (calling in from Japan -- PDF received)

I did a trial Google Hangouts with Olaf tonight, so I think I know the
necessary spells to cast Thursday night to get the A/V side of things
going. So far, I only have slides from Seki, so please bring your
presentation on a USB key -- or E-Mail it to me, please.

We're going to be at TEK Systems, a recruiting firm that Olaf put me on to
-- with the result that I'm just finishing up a two year contract at
Manulife, doing ETL. (Thanks Olaf!!!) My contact at TEK is a very nice
Australian lady called Alice (really) -- and she may be there to say hello.
Once again, the address is 145 King St W, Suite 600.

As this is our first visit, let's be the Perfectly Lovely User Group so
that we can perhaps use this location again.

I'd like to to find out when we might be meeting again -- perhaps there
will also be some discussion over the next 48 hours on this mailing list
about that; and perhaps we can talk about this at the end of the
presentations. If we can get a non-lightning presenter ready for October,
that would be excellent.

See you Thursday at 7pm!

Alex Beamish

Software Developer / https://ca.linkedin.com/in/alex-beamish-5111ba3
Baritone, Board Member, Toronto Northern Lights, 2013 Champions /
Certified Contest Administrator, Barbershop Harmony Society /
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