[tpm] Reading config data from shell files

Tom Legrady legrady at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 19:41:45 PDT 2017

Several places I've worked have had really old code that was a mix of 
Perl & shell scripts, and they used a shell file to do configuration. 
You can set files to be run prior to each autosys command, but in cron 
it doesn't.

While some people use '. /path/to/configfile;' as the prefix to every 
command, that's rather cumbersome. Some people always invoke a shell 
wrapper script which loads the config, and then runs the program.

I was thinking of parsing the config file with Perl, but that seemed too 
much work. Then it occured to me I could run the file in a sub-shell, 
finishing with the command 'env', and it would report everything it had 
found. I'm considering packaging this up as Config::Shell, since it's a 
Config reader.

Does anyone know any existing solutions that would save my typing?


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