[tpm] Visiting Perl Monger in August - anyone around?

James E Keenan jkeenan at pobox.com
Mon Jul 31 09:24:35 PDT 2017

On 07/31/2017 11:37 AM, Andrew Fresh wrote:
> Howdy folks.
> I'll be in Toronto between August 10th and 16th for an OpenBSD hackathon
> and was wondering if there was anything going on, such as a meetup for
> beer or somesuch.
> FYI, the hackathon is at the St George Campus of the University of
> Toronto, and I don't know anything about transportation in Toronto yet.

Notwithstanding all the times I've been in Toronto, I've never actually 
walked through the UT campus.  Google Maps shows that it's quite a large 
area:  http://tinyurl.com/ychvd8gu

For your location in Toronto, this will probably suffice:


You'll probably be using either the Museum stop on the University line 
or the St George stop on the University and Bloor lines.  You'll also 
probably make use of the College/Carlton St streetcar (east-west) and 
the Spadina streetcar (north-south).



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