[tpm] Notes from November's monthly meeting last night

Alex Beamish talexb at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 07:55:43 PST 2017

Hi All,

We had a small group at the TEK Systems conference room last night for
November's meeting, and we took in a really interesting presentation by
Felipe Gasper about his new module Net::WebSocket. We also discussed topics
for future talks, and I got a little better at sorting out the broadcast
part of the meeting.

Felipe reviewed existing modules and explained his target platform was the
VPS, an environment where memory is at a premium, so his environment
required the smallest possible memory footprint -- so object systems such
as Moose, Mouse and Moo could not be used. Similarly, because the
Mojo::WebSocket modules are part of the Mojo blob, they weren't suitable.

(I'm going to review the video and see if the discussion afterwards was
audible. I may also chop off the first few minutes where I'm getting the
video sorted out.)

This module was developed alongside Felipe's modules IO::Framed,
Call::Context and X::Tiny as part of work he is doing to support a cPanel
installation. All of these modules are available on CPAN.

After Felipe's presentation, we discussed possibilities for future talks,
starting in January, and talk turned to Perl6, with the following questions:
- Does anyone have experience using Perl6 in production?
- Has anyone written code to take advantage of its built-in parallelization?
- Does Perl6 have as many global variables as Perl?
- How does the Eval / Try / Catch feature compare to what's available in
Perl (via Try::Tiny)?

Someone mentioned interest in the parallelization available in Rust, and
there was also a question about why Parrot failed (a joke that turned into
a real project?).

I managed to get the video broadcast sorted out this time around, but then
experienced audio problems that weren't present during my test broadcasts
-- as I was using my own laptop for the tests. I will make plans to get a
proper stand-up microphone for January's meeting, and I'll do a systems
check earlier on. Thanks to all the listeners continued patience. A/V is

Action items:
1. If anyone on the list has an interest in doing a presentation, let me
2. We don't have a date for the December social -- Dec 14, 21 and 28th are
the three Thursdays possible. I would like to propose the middle date, as
it's closest to Perl's 30th birthday on December 18.

Thanks all!

Alex Beamish

Software Developer / https://ca.linkedin.com/in/alex-beamish-5111ba3
Baritone, Board Member, Toronto Northern Lights, 2013 Champions /
Certified Contest Administrator, Barbershop Harmony Society /
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