[tpm] Regex assistance

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Thu Aug 11 07:37:57 PDT 2016

Hello Perl Mongers,

I am looking for assistance with a regex. I have a bunch of strings in  
for form:

"01.03.16,,Studio one, Space 22,1         500,500,01.051,,"
",01.03.16,,Studio one, Space 22,1         500,500,01.051,"
",01.03.16,,Studio one, Space 22,1         500,500,01.051,,"
",01.03.16,,Studio one, Space 22, ,01.051,,"

So the middle section can be one or more comma separated strings.

I am trying to match and return the first non-blank pattern and the  
last non-blank pattern
01.03.16 and 01.051 – these numbering formats are always the same:  
xx.xx.xx and yy.yyy

So far I have a regex that matches the first pattern:


In any of those above example.

I am stuck after that.
Any insights appreciated!


Chris Jones
14 Oneida Avenue
Toronto, ON M5J 2E3

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