[tpm] January meeting: Building a Technology Startup (Stuart Watt)

Olaf Alders olaf.alders at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 11:37:37 PST 2015

This month we have a topic which is well within the parameters of what we do, but broad enough to appeal to all types of coders.  Please invite your (Python, Java, Ruby, node etc) coding friends, co-workers and associates to join us!


Building a technology startup can be an interesting experience. In this session, I’ll cover some of the process and some of the insider experience on what it’s like to put together a technology-based startup. Many of the skills needed in a startup are similar to those needed in coding, so I’ll draw parallels between them so that developers can get a better insight into the opportunities of this kind of career step. I’ll also ground this in a few real startups I’ve worked on, in a variety of fields. What I’ll cover:

Lean startups, and how they relate to agile 
Building the business model and the team 
A brief overview of lean UX for startups 
Tools and resources to help 
The experience of building a startup

(Stuart Watt, speaker)




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