[tpm] This month: Stratopan Primer :or: How I Learned To Love The CPAN

Olaf Alders olaf.alders at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 17:34:09 PST 2015

Our speaker will be Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer, author of Perl::Critic, Stratopan and Pinto.

Do you remember back when you ran your own development infrastructure, such as continuous integration systems and git servers. With the rise of services like Travis and GitHub, those days are quickly fading. So why are you still running your own CPAN? Stratopan provides private CPAN repositories in the cloud, so you can build your application anywhere and get the right Perl modules every time. Stratopan also has powerful tools to help you manage changes to your Perl stack. Whether you’re an indie consultant, small startup, or large enterprise, Stratopan can radically simplify your build story. Let me show you how.

Please RSVP on our meetup page:


We did really well last month on attendance.  It would be great to see a lot of folks out at this meetup as well.  I've only just announced it formally since I was waiting on an official talk summary.  March's talk "Dude, where's my data analyst?" already has 24 RSVPs, many of whom are first timers.

So, if you can help get the word out about this talk, that would be excellent.  First timers and guests are more than welcome.


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