[tpm] Mojo Talk for October

Zoffix Znet zoffix at zoffix.com
Mon Aug 24 17:55:50 PDT 2015

I think the original got blocked by the list because I've sent it from
the wrong address; apologies, if you get a duplicate of this.

Hey all,

I saw a call for speakers for Mojolicious and then I've read the backlog
of emails on the topic.

>From the chat exchanged so far, I think many don't realize Mojo isn't
just a "web framework," but a toolkit for a variety of applications.

I'd like to do an introductory talk not just into a "web developer"
niche of Mojo coders, but also into all the awesome tools it provides
for people outside that niche, such as operations on collections, file
slurping, and HTML parsing.

I'd love to speak about Mojo in October. If I can present, please, let
me know the length of the talk I should prepare.


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