[tpm] All good things come to an end.

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Tue Mar 4 11:00:36 PST 2014

1. Scott.  Probably not requisite, but right proper to suggest we get Scott a bottle of his favourite, ... umm, anybody know what his favourite elixir is?
2. Locations:  Off the top of my head, 3 Bars come to mind that are TTC-able, parkable, free wireless -ish, and about as quiet as the HVAC vents.   
A. Queen and Dufferin,  The Rhino                   -upstairs
LIKES: Jordan, 

B. Yonge and Dundas,   The Imperial Pub         -upstairs

C. College and Spadina  The Free Times Cafe   -back room, meaning we need to finish around 9pm. tpm has been here before.
LIKES: Jordan, 

All three are in the habit of being BarCamp friendly,  and I don't think the majority of us will object to ordering a tea, coffee, malt, food ... etc when at the premises. Please keep this thread intact and add your name (a la CSV) to your preferred sites.

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 Subject: [tpm] All good things come to an end.
 To: toronto-pm at pm.org
 Received: Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 9:25 AM
 I received the following note this morning. We have to start
 looking for a
 new meeting place from November 2014.
 Hi Alan:
 After many good years together (at least 15), it looks like
 it's time to
 part company. Our lease at Bloor is up at the end of
 November, and we'll
 be moving. When we move, we won't be able to offer TPM the
 use of our
 facilities. We're happy to continue to host you through to
 your October
 meeting, but of course would understand if you choose to
 relocate prior to
 that time.
 Sorry about this - but at least there's lots of warning!
 Scott Williams
 President, Global Knowledge Canada
 T (416) 964-8688 x2336
    (888) 945-5226 x2336
 Global Knowledge
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