[tpm] mod_perl ... still suitable choice?

Adam Prime adam.prime at utoronto.ca
Tue Jun 17 07:07:58 PDT 2014

On 14-06-17 12:41 AM, Tom Legrady wrote:
> I'm talking to a company which runs their website on Apache / mod_perl.
> I thought mod_perl went out with dino-servers, that modern Perl webists
> used plack / mojo / dancer. Is mod_perl still an efficient way to go?

If you're starting from scratch these days, you probably aren't going to 
use mod_perl.  That said, mod_perl is still fast and powerful, and if 
you're planning on running apache and leveraging any of it's internals, 
then mod_perl is pretty much the only way to go. Very few people 
actually need or want to do that though, especially these days. There 
are still a lot of people running mod_perl in one way or the other 
though. Development has somewhat stagnated. There still isn't support 
for Apache 2.4, though it's pretty much done on linux. I expect it will 
be in the next release, since the branch was just merged to trunk.

> Which made me wonder ... is it practical to migrate a site gradually? I
> suppose you would have to have sets of servers with old implementations
> and new implementations, and migrate stuff from one to the other. The
> front end would be conceal the transition.

It is absolutely practical and possible to migrate a site from mod_perl 
to something else gradually. As you say that work will be much easier if 
you've got a light front end proxy in front of your heavy mod_perl 
backend servers (which is the recommended way to run mp for anything 

A bigger question is whether it's worth the effort or not.


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