[tpm] Gift for Scott Williams

Mike Stok mike at stok.ca
Tue Jun 17 04:03:02 PDT 2014

Global Knowledge have been generous enough to provide us with meeting space since 1994, and that was thanks to their president Scott Williams.  

As the arrangement is ending Alan Rocker and I have been looking at options to give him a token of our collective gratitude.  We are circling around something like http://www.thedeskworks.com/sheaffer300-glossblue-presentation-pen-set2.html as an appropriate and useful gift (that is something that is less likely to end up in the back of a cupboard and forgotten than some tchotchke).

There are a couple of things I want to check with the group:

* Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative gifts?
* If we go with something similar to this, would a few of you be willing to chip in to help cover the cost?

I hope to get to a final decision and get the process moving by the end of this month, so there will be time to discuss it on the mailing list or at this month's meeting.




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