[tpm] Simple web pages

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Sun Jul 6 09:36:59 PDT 2014

> What is your Perl program going to do? How long is it going to run? Is it
> going to return some results to the browser?
It's mostly a thought experiment at the moment, but I had in mind
something to initiate and control jobs like code promotion, for developers
scared of the command line. Possibly a menu selection, with some radio
buttons for options. (Specific at first, but table-driven for generic use,
if it works.)

It's always a question if an apparent one-off is going to morph into the
"legacy from hell", but if anything, I've tended to over-engineer what
turned out to be throw-aways.

I'll probably take J.Bobby's advice and look into Dancer.

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