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On 2014-02-28, at 10:11 AM, Fulko Hew wrote:

> How would you know?
> ...if you didn't interact with the 'live' people in the room ? 
> we saw the presenter move or say something,
> and then 2 minutes later appear on the stream on our phones.
> (perhaps we were looking at a time-delayed version for censoring?)

I think the issue is that there are 2 ways to get the Hangout.  You can participate in the Hangout or you can watch the broadcast.  Actually participating in the Hangout makes it more like a conference call.  There might be a tiny bit of lag, but it's generally decent.  When you watch the broadcast, you're actually watching a broadcast of the conference call, so that may be buffered etc.

I think there was an issue with the way the invitations are sent out.  What you want to do is send invitations to participate in the conference call.  There's a hard limit on participants, so once that limit is reached, I think people get bumped to the broadcast.  So, the first X people can be viewed in the hangout, can ask questions, share their screens etc and everybody else can just watch.  Yesterday, we all just ended up watching rather than being able to be involved.

Ideally we'd want someone on the room to host the hangout and send out invitations.  The first invitation goes to the speaker.  Once the speaker has joined, you can send invitations to the "friends" circle of toperlmongers.  Once everyone has joined, the video can start broadcasting and anyone who couldn't make it into the conference call can watch the broadcast.  That would be the workflow that should allow for the maximum participation.

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