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Scott Williams Scott.Williams at globalknowledge.com
Tue Aug 19 14:59:49 PDT 2014

Perl Mongers:

Alan Rocker came by my office this morning and presented me this quite delightful pen set. I was incredibly touched by the gesture -  thank you! The pens are engraved Perl Mongers 1999-2014, and it has been my great pleasure to have supported TPM in some small way for that time. I recall in the early days it went beyond just classrooms; I believe the original listserv was on a Willcam server, and I think we even hosted the TPM web site for a time. Of all the 'C's in business (Company, Customer, Competition, etc.) I think the most important to me is Community. So much has changed in those 15 years (Willcam became CDI, then Nexient, now GK), but I'd suggest that the value of a technical community like TPM has remained constant.

Thank you for the opportunity to have been associated with you.



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