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Olaf Alders olaf.alders at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 08:16:11 PDT 2013

Is there anyone who could bring some small speakers tonight?

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On 2013-09-26, at 1:38, Abram Hindle <abram.hindle at softwareprocess.es>

Hello Perl Mongers,

Since I will attending remotely tomorrow there is a chance of everything
not working at all. Thus I ask the organizers to please ensure there are
appropriate speakers and projectors available for both in person and remote

I have pre-recorded a demo version of my presentation that I would like the
organizers to download before heading off to the meeting. This will avoid
any awful internet connectivity issues that could occur and ensure that my
presentation is available even in case of my absence.

Unfortunately it is a little over 15 minutes (for the live lightning talk I
will try hard to keep the time down):

Iteration in Perl -- Think about your dependencies. Youtube:

23 mb video file (H264/mkv):

The audio might be low too.

Anyways I don't recommend watching this if tomorrow works out as planned.

Sorry for butt covering hope to see you tomorrow :)


On 13-09-24 08:03 AM, Stuart Watt wrote:

I'm in with a brief talk too.


 On 2013-09-24, at 9:49 AM, Olaf Alders <olaf.alders at gmail.com> wrote:

Just a reminder that Lightning Talks are this Thursday.  Lightning Talks
are always a highlight for me.  You get exposure to lots of different
topics and if the topic isn't particularly of interest to you, it's only a
few minutes long anyway.  ;)

Here's the list of contributors (so far):


I see Abram, Mark, Matt, myself, Mike, Tom, Alex and Dave on the list.
 Anyone else?  Also, is Fulko going to be there to bang the gong or will
someone else need to manage that this week?


Olaf Alders
olaf.alders at gmail.com


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416 944 8306 (direct)

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