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> > I tried following the instructions in Olaf's talk.
> >
> Is it my imagination, or is the software world beginning to strangle on
> its own complexity?

No, its not your imagination.
The world (not just the software world) is getting (too) complex.
Unfortunately, the younger world will tell you its notgetting strangled,
but on the other hand they aren't supporting it either.

> Once upon a time, to produce a useful program, one had to be know a
> programming language, and how to write on coding pads.

You had coding pads!    ... All I had were toggle switches for ones and
You had ones and zeros! ... All I had were zeros!

Old joke... but then again, so am I.

Then, it became necessary to know an operating system.
> Next, came the ability to use an on-line editor.
> And so on, through multiple languages simultaneously, (e.g. JCL), new and
> supposedly useful paradigms like O-O, (and the numerous different
> libraries that spawned), source code control systems, (good things, but
> something more to learn), markup languages, virtual machines, how to
> install them...

For those people, I usually retort with:
'Every extra line of code... just adds another opportunity for another
Minimize... minimize... minimize your complexity (if at all possible).

Note I said 'minimize' ... not 'optimize'.

> Getting a simple program going seems to involve about seventeen steps now.

I guess the point is...  'it (MetaCpan) is not a simple program'.
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