[tpm] upcoming meetings

Olaf Alders olaf.alders at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 08:00:08 PDT 2013

I just wanted to remind everyone about our upcoming meetings:


Dave, are you going to set them up in the Meetup group again or do you want someone else to do it?

Please note that I took the liberty of moving the October meeting from the 31st to the week before so that there's no kids and/or candy conflict, unless your religion requires you to celebrate Hallowe'en on Oct 24th.  If so, please speak up now.

The blog post about the streaming has gotten some positive feedback.  We've had new members from outside of Canada join the meetup Group, new followers on Twitter and G+ and subscribers to our YouTube channel.  So, I'd say the appetite is there for streaming meetings outside of our core group as well.  Moving forward we should look at incorporating some remote speakers as well.

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