[tpm] country hacker, city hacker

Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Wed Oct 2 20:29:09 PDT 2013

hi all,

i have an interesting situation that i would like to get help with from 
toronto.pm. i have a young candidate from a small city in northwest 
ontario who has interviewed and tentatively been offered a job in the 
big bad city of toronto. he is wary about taking the job and the cto is 
also wary but wants to hire him. the hacker is just not comfortable 
outside of his small town world.

so my request is for some of you to take him under your wing. i don't 
know what this entails but of course it means inviting him to pm 
meetings and socials (he would sign onto this list) and being a big 
sibling to him. he actually rides his own motorcycle so he isn't just a 
closet case! the work environment is also different for him.

one issue he brought up is living expenses. the salary is on the lower 
end but i am fairly sure he can do fine there. of course his current 
expenses are way lower where he is now but he is also woefully underpaid.

any ideas or interest in helping him? i know you guys are a friendly and 
fun bunch and would welcome him in, but a more personal connection would 
be great. this is an odd situation and i working to help him out.



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