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At 10:43 PM 05/03/2013, Mike Stok wrote:

>On 2013-03-05, at 12:36 PM, Chris Jones 
><<mailto:cj at enersave.ca>cj at enersave.ca> wrote:
>>Is Git like an SVN type version control site?
>Git is a version control system - see 
><http://git-scm.com>http://git-scm.com, and 
><http://github.com>github.com is a site which hosts many git 
>repositories.  There are other public git hosting sites - see 
>for a sampling.

Mike, I have installed Git and started reading the documentation.  It 
will take me a bit to get up to speed on setting up my repository but 
I keep plugging away in my "spare" time.

In the mean time, I am wondering if someone would be willing to look 
at my first task - parsing the text file results report file to coach 
me on the best approach to parsing and storing the data.  One of the 
issues is the on part of the report will change depending on what the 
type system included in the model.  The other issue is some lines 
wrap to two lines depening on the equipment defined for that portion 
of the model.  It seems line a big issue to me at this point.

So if someone wishes to look at the problem and can provide an 
estimate of possible time they would have to spend helping out, I am 
certainly willing to compensate.

Thanks again for having me to the Mongers meeting.

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