[tpm] Javascript question

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Thu Jun 20 11:37:33 PDT 2013

This is the wrong forum to be asking but I thought someone in the 
audience may be very familiar with Javascript.  My question is has 
the Apache implementation of Javascript been changed in recent 
versions of Apache.  I ask because I have a web site that works with 
the Windows IIS.  I have moved it to a linux server with Apache and 
the javascript is not behaving the same.  On the windows server 
everything works as expected but on Apache, the javascript variables 
are not being initialized and the application "crashes" when going 
from the second page to the third.

If this question is out of line, I apologize for taking up 
space.  And if someone has time to consult I would be forever grateful.


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