[tpm] Fwd: [Boston.pm] Perl community "The Rising Costs of Aging Perlers"

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Tue Jul 23 11:57:47 PDT 2013

> I don't know what the jobs you've been looking at are, or what your
> experience and skill are, but it should be noted that I'm talking
> specifically about web. To me this means you have a good handle on XHTML
> and/or HTML5, CSS, JS to start. Knowing about responsive design, web
> performance optimization and semantic markup are also good things to
> have.

The data processing world seems to have "solved" the problem by breaking
the development process into (rather too many) specialisations. Instead of
a systems analyst investigating a business problem, writing a
specification, and letting programmers code and test it, now we have
business analysts and data architects and "software engineers" and QA
testers and probably other categories I haven't noticed. Specialisation
can be good, (thank you, Adam Smith), but if done badly or to excess, it
simply substitutes communications problems for whatever the original task

Perhaps companies developing Web applications should look at dividing the
tasks sensibly. There's certainly no reason to expect technical people to
make good aesthetic or interface design decisions, for example.

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