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Hi everyone,

My apologies for not responding sooner.

I'm fine with Google Hangout for the 25th and I'll probably have some
questions in the meantime.

As for my talk - how does this sound? 

July Topic: Career Communications - A Practical Approach Michelle Warren

The ability to communicate well is critical to success in any job. You must
be able to express yourself both confidently and effectively. Without that
winning combination, it can be almost impossible to understand different
cultures, navigate your career and distinguish yourself. It is one of the
key steps in demonstrating your value to an organization and to members of
your team. 

Michelle Warren will be presenting a dynamic, informative and interactive
mini-workshop to help you position yourself. As a professional
communications coach with over 10 years of leading workshops and seminars,
she uses her IT industry experience to help IT individuals to set and
achieve goals, communicate more effectively, and be more productive at work.
In addition, she is a pioneer in the use of social networking tools to help
individuals with marketing, branding, and self-promotion.  She is excited to
be working again with Pearl Mongers to help with career development and hone
their communication skills.


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On 2013-07-03, at 12:19 AM, Olaf Alders <olaf.alders at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've just updated the site with the scheduled talks for 2013.  Here are
the weak points:
> The meetings proper:
> 1) Still waiting back for a confirmation from Jordan + synopsis of
Michelle's talk in July
> 2) Still waiting for confirmation of a Damian talk in August
> 3) If you're giving a lightning talk, please fill in your talk's topic as
it comes to you
> 4) The October meeting would normally fall on the 31st, but Hallowe'en
seems like a really inconvenient night, so I've moved the meeting to the
week before as a pre-emptive measure.  We can always move it back to the
31st if that's what people want to do
> 5) I don't have a synopsis for Tom's talk in October.  Tom, could you add
that to the web site and push it to Github?  Let me know when it's done and
I'll deploy the changes.
> The web site:
> 1) It's not obvious to me how hrefs are supposed to work.  You can see
here when the XML is parsed that it moves the embedded link to the beginning
of the HTML: http://to.pm.org/meetings/44/  i.e., it moves it outside of the
<content> tags.
> 2) The app assumes that we'll never have it together enough to plan more
than one meeting, so the last meeting is what it assumes is the upcoming
one.  So, the site currently lists the December social as our upcoming

What I did with the old site was to re-generate the site after each meeting
and each update, and my way of selecting the appropriate meeting to feature
was to pick the next meeting from "now", or if there wasn't one then use the
most recent one.

Of course that was very twentieth century, these days smart young kids would
probably have something like a Star Wars crawl generated by javascript (or
dart) and it would call back to the web site to get the json for the
meetings every now and then, and as people moved the cursor over meetings
the details would float up or dissolve in... a simple matter of programming

> I've already spent a great deal of time just filling in the talk info
(thought it would be easier).  If anyone could help troubleshooting +
updating content, that would be great.
> Olaf
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