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On 2013-01-24, at 2:38 PM, Dave Doyle wrote:

> Sadly, I won't be there this month or next but I thought I'd mention:
> On 24 January 2013 14:31, J. Bobby Lopez <jbl at jbldata.com> wrote:
> 	• Although TMTOWTDI is something we encourage at the earliest stages of learning, I think it would be beneficial for Perl veterans to work closely to put together a bit of a "starter package", a list of modules we would recommend to someone doing project of type X - e.g.:  Doing a web app?  Start with Dancer.  Need your app to send  e-mails?  Try Email::Sender.. etc.
> This is something the Perl community has been thinking about (I heard it discussed first I think at YAPC Columbus) and is encapsulated in the phrase TWTOWTDI BSCINABTE (TimToady Bicarbonate): There's more than one way to do it, but sometimes consistency is not a bad thing either. I don't know that there's a formalized thing though.  Perhaps we could brainstorm a way to come up with the default toolkit and a way to keep it up to date.
> And perhaps a way to stop people from killing one another when we say "use this not this" (IE Dancer vs Mojolicious vs Catalyst) :)
> There was a "Recommended Modules" on the old Perl5 Wiki but I don't know that it's been kept up to date.

How about Task::Kenso?



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