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J. Bobby Lopez jbl at jbldata.com
Thu Jan 24 11:31:34 PST 2013

A few disjointed thoughts I've had recently (topics that I personally 
find interesting):

  * Discussing the meeting topics in general, with focus on tackling
    modern problems and projects with Perl
      o i.e:  Concurrency problems; making DBIx::Class's auto-schema
        generator less error prone (w/r/t table names and relationships)
      o Moe is a great idea, but aside from fact that it will run on the
        JVM, and will have concurrency benefits because of Scala, what
        else would people be interested in using Moe for that may be
        difficult to do right now?

  * Making meetings more accessible to those who may not be able to be
    there physically.  Conf-call type setup with audio/video, and remote
    users providing input/feedback via some kind of messaging platform
    (twitter, email, irc)
      o This may have been discussed several times in the past, but with
        the emerging popularity of telecommute, and our interest in
        nurturing new (often younger) developers, we may want to do more
        to get with the (social) times.
      o Even if we can't come up with a solution for the next few
        meetings, a discussion still may be useful with an aim to have
        some new changes/improvements to how meetings are held going
        forward.  Tighter integration with the new TPM site is also be a

  * Although TMTOWTDI is something we encourage at the earliest stages
    of learning, I think it would be beneficial for Perl veterans to
    work closely to put together a bit of a "starter package", a list of
    modules we would recommend to someone doing project of type X -
    e.g.:  Doing a web app?  Start with Dancer.  Need your app to send 
    e-mails?  Try Email::Sender.. etc.
      o An argument could be made that MetaCPAN already does some of
        this via the module ratings, however we still leave it up to to
        new Perl devs to make a choice between several options. I often
        find that many of today's developers are looking for the most
        "commonly used/accepted" way of doing things so that they have a
        solid starting point.  Sometimes too many options can kill
        progress, and therefore interest.
      o Consider that Perl doesn't really have much corporate support
        (although it's likely being used heavily in corporate
        environments), so it is on the users themselves to promote what
        they like about it.

  * PerlDroid
      o http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12212827/can-i-develop-android-applications-in-perl
      o https://code.google.com/p/perldroid/
      o https://code.google.com/p/perl-android-apk/

Don't know if I'll be out this month, as my wife and I have a baby on 
the way (any day now... feel like I've been saying that for weeks), but 
just figured I'd help to further the discussion.


On 13-01-24 01:39 PM, Mike Stok wrote:
> As the last Thursday looms, maybe we could do something simple.  I'd 
> be happy to talk for about 5 minutes each on one technical and one 
> non-techincal book I have read recently or am reading which I think 
> are useful.  If we had three or four people doing that then it would 
> be a reason to go.
> Mike
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