[tpm] You may think I'm a reactionary curmudegeon

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sorry, this was meant for the list.

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Subject: Re: [tpm] You may think I'm a reactionary curmudegeon
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 16:07:45 -0400
From: Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com>
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On 08/31/2013 01:45 PM, arocker at Vex.Net wrote:
> for my challenge on Thursday to the idea of Pair Programming (and you
> could well be right), but I believe the Devil's Advocate is a role that is
> seriously underestimated in most projects. The Catholic Church invented
> the idea, appointing someone who's job it was to uncover anything bad
> about a candidate for sainthood, so that they didn't canonise anyone who
> might subsequently prove an embarrassment. It's a thankless task ("Not a
> team player"), but every project needs one.

i think code review (which is what pair programming enforces) is a great
thing. i do it all the time for candidates, for my clients of support
services and at perl monger meetings (i heckle the speaker's code! :).
every coder's work can be reviewed and improved. better idioms, coding
style, more efficiency, bugs found and prevented, better organization,
etc. the wins are well worth the effort. it may seem thankless to some
but i enjoy it. i consider it an aspect of training. my reviews are
meant to help the coder and their code to get better.


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