[tpm] DBIx::Class, DBD::Sybase, and statement caching

J. Bobby Lopez bobby.lopez at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 12:42:47 PDT 2012

Anyone using DBD::Sybase (1.14) via DBIx::Class (0.08198), and ran into
this error?:

"error" : "Warning caught during route execution:
DBIx::Class::ResultSet::first(): Your DBD::Sybase was compiled against
buggy FreeTDS version 0.91. Statement caching does not work and will
be disabled.

I'm using FreeTDS 0.91 because 0.82 has an 80 character limit in varchar
values that can be submitted to the database.  Anything over 80 chars gets
truncated. (http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/freetds/2011q2/026943.html)

I'm hoping that 'disabling statement caching' doesn't mean a setting that
has to be done at the database level, because it is a shared database
server, and this would likely affect other applications/databases.


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