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Dear mongeren, 
PREAMBLE:    need a ballpark headcount.. so I'll send a separate mail out for rollcall.

  Since our normal location is not available this week...
this Thursday's  Speed Talks will be held a few minutes EARLIER, 6:30pm to 8:15pm at 
The Free Times Cafe (BACK ROOM).   320 College St,  Toronto, Ont.  M5T-1S3


>From Spadina Ave and College St,  the Cafe is NorthEast of the intersection. 
Walk 1.5 blocks West, and look for the round signage on the North Side of College St.
As you enter,  veer left along the bar and head all the way to the Back Room.

TIME: 6:30pm to 8:15pm  
We WILL be getting evicted from the back room at 8:15pm by the musicians needing to setup their equipment.  If there is anyone who cannot make the 6:30pm start time by planning ahead on Wednesday... please SPEAK UP now.  
We will gladly move back  the start time for our beloved outliers, if we hear from them. ;-)

AMENITIES:  Rollup screen for projector. No microphone, so talk loud. :-)  

TOPICS: Speed Talks

MC: Alan Rocker


OVERLOADED OPERATORS:  It's a BAR!!!!  Please ORDER at least one beverage when you arrive, or more than one after the talks.  Food is pretty tasty and varied... check the Jewish/MiddleEastern/Canadiana menu:

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Awaiting responses from:
1.  Free Times Cafe.   320 College St / Major   NE Spadina/College.
      This licenced, cozy geekSpace seems to be available right now.. but need a     confirmation from the O/O.

2.  Ryerson.  Caught in administrative purgatory right now... don't hold your breath on getting an OFFICIAL booking.  ;-)  

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Hi Everyone,

This is
 just a reminder that the next meeting is this week on Thursday, Sept 27th.  It's Lightning Talks, which is always one of the more popular meetings.  It's also a great introduction for people who haven't been out to a meeting yet, so if you haven't been out yet (or lately), please come on out.  Feel free to pass on an invite to colleagues or co-workers who might be interested in coming as well. We'll get started around 6:45 as usual, I suppose.  Does anyone have the room details yet?

Olaf Alders
olaf.alders at gmail.com


866 503 2204 (Toll free - North America)
416 944 8306

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