[tpm] Regex question

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Fri Oct 19 18:43:47 PDT 2012

I pull data from long files in that are in a fixed format, ascii report.

For example:
                               SUPPLY   EXHAUST             MINIMUM
      ZONE                       FLOW      FLOW       FAN      FLOW
      NAME                     (CFM )    (CFM )      (KW)    (FRAC)

Kitchen Area 1C Spc zn         2750.     1400.     0.249     1.000
Kitchen Area 1C Pl zn             0.        0.     0.000     0.000

The Zone names are a max a maximum of 25 characters - spaces 
allowed.   I want to split the lines into the zone name field and the 
4 number fields:  I am hoping the first pattern will leave the last 
character and remove the trailing spaces up to the maximum of 25 
characters (assuming the user would have at least one character in 
the zone name.).

I am hoping the following does the trick but I think the first 
pattern will end up removing the last character in the zone name:

my @zoneLine = split /[\w\s{0,25)$]/+\w{4}/, $inLine;

At any rate, the above gives me a compile error:

Search pattern not terminated at Test-Split-1.pl line 5.

Any help appreciated!

Christopher Jones, P.Eng.
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Toronto, ON M5E1W7
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