[tpm] Exporting Access files to .csv

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Mon Oct 15 06:07:39 PDT 2012

Thank you.

I have written a perl script using DBI ADO.  The 
select and print statements work.  I am using the 
join statement to separate the fields by ',' but 
I can't figure out a way to get the text fields 
quoted so the output resembles the CSV output by msaccess.

Example output from access:
240,10,"SPACE:LGT-W/A[1]","if( Local( ZONE-TYPE ) 
== 1 then 1 endif","Set lighting power","","db 2012-04-19 - added",1,0

The field types:
number, number, text, memo, text, text, memo, integer, integer.

The output from my script:

240,10,SPACE:LGT-W/A[1],if( Local( ZONE-TYPE ) == 
1 then 1 endif,Set lighting power,,db 2012-04-19 - added,1,0

Thanks for any insight!

At 10:04 AM 05/10/2012, Shlomi Fish wrote:
>Hi Chris,
>On Fri, 05 Oct 2012 08:42:30 -0400
>Chris Jones <cj at enersave.ca> wrote:
> > I am working on a project that uses Access to store the rule
> > sets.  It is hard to explain but a rule is a programming
> > statement.  A statement  can do one of two things: return a variable
> > or do an action.  Then the rules compiler sifts through all the
> > access files and "compiles" the rules to a binary library.
> >
> > I find it helpful to export all the tables to .csv so I can do
> > "search in files" to track the logic of the others on project.  It's
> > a nightmare but that's another story.
> >
> > So I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to the simplest way to
> > automate the exporting of access files to .csv?
> >
>See the replies here:
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