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Hi Tom,

On Mon, 26 Nov 2012 18:16:50 -0500
Tom Legrady <legrady at gmail.com> wrote:

> Google provides free hosting for small sites using the Google App Engine.
> Is there a similar Perl-based system?

Not sure if it is free, but you can use http://www.heroku.com/ for Perl, and
there's also http://www.revolet.com/ , which is more Perl-centric (but it
appears to be down now). What Google App Engine gives is easy horizontal
scaling. Google said they would like to support Perl there, as long as some
enhancements were added to the perl core by the Perl community, and I don't
know if it happened. When Google App Engine came out, it was criticised for
only supporting Python and not, say, Java, which was because it was developed
by Guido von Rossum (that wasn't the last time since when Google let the cat
protect the cream).


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