[tpm] OT: Are SSDs really worth purchasing to speed up our computing experience?

Dave Doyle dave.s.doyle at gmail.com
Wed May 30 15:42:49 PDT 2012

On 30 May 2012 18:38, James E Keenan <jkeen at verizon.net> wrote:

> I don't know what SSD means in this context?   Can anyone explain?

Solid State Drive.  Flash memory hard drive instead of the spinning disk.

And for the record: SSD is a huge performance increase when you do ANYTHING
I/O based.  I mean it.  My MBP flies.  Yes, it has a nicer processor than
my old 'puter, but folks who have the same model and the traditional
spinning disk HD have commented on the speed of my boot.

Having attempted to process CPAN before by expanding every tarball, I can
tell you the difference is stunning between my old iMac and my MBP.


dave.s.doyle at gmail.com
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