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On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 9:56 PM, Indy Singh <indy at indigostar.com> wrote:

  Makefile #2 uses the timestamp of the output directory as the dummy target. It almost works except that the nmake that I am using seems to look at the 'create' date of the directory rather than the 'modified' date.  

Ha, another "Made by MS" great product. I'm dealing with such great products everyday and am enjoying the pain.

  This is probably a bug in nmake, but I don't want to use something else otherwise it will start a chain reaction of more changes to existing makefile.

I understand. You've been "Locked in" by MS. For me, I'd take this opportunity to break away from the brain-damaged tool, and start using native cygwin make, since you've already using it's touch. Changing the create time is hard enough, comparing to the make file porting, who knows what is waiting for you next. 


> start using native cygwin make
> since you've already using it's touch
Two very good points.  Thanks for the suggestions.  I have to maintaining *nix and Windows environments, this would also avoid the time wasted in constantly having to read two sets of documentation.

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