[tpm] splitting filespecs

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Thu May 10 08:59:16 PDT 2012

I'm looking for a good library to split a filespec into directory
and filename components; so I can:

a) add a default dirspec  if one wasn't provided
b) add a default filename if one wasn't provided
c) create the required directory path if it didn't already exist

So far I've tried

File::Basename and File::Spec

Unfortunately they both mis-behave?

File::Basename always provides a dirspec even if the original string didn't
have one
(so I can't tell if I need to insert my default one...)

and File::Spec (as far as I'm concerned) incorrectly splits '/.' into
the directory of '/.' with no file name.  I would have expected the
directory to be '/' and the filename to be '.'.

Am I wrong?
Is there a better library?

[I suppose I could just take the filename from File::Spec and manually
extract everything in front of it from the original string as the directory
and simply _ignore_ what the module tells me.]

... and yes, I will eventually also need to parse DOS filespecs.
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