[tpm] Follow-up to Jan 26 2012 Meeting PAR Example and Presentation

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it  _did_  make it through to my Inbox.  Athough you now seem to have two of your email addresses as blessed into the list:

aimass at yabarana.com  #just recently added minutes ago
ait at p2ee.org                   #was working fine already ... yes?

Please try to post from one address, so our aging brains can figure out Who sent what.  

Also,  I may simply have deleted a message from our purgatoryBox, if I didn't read anything that looked like a TPM topic... AND was sent from an unregistered email address.

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Hello! Can someone please confirm id the mail below ever made it to the list?



On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 4:24 PM, Alejandro Imass <ait at p2ee.org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I enjoyed all the different
> and clever solutions that were presented. Most of all, enjoyed the
> fact that the nearby bar offers Steam Whistle, so you can be sure I
> won't take my car to the Mongers meetings anymore ;-)
> Anyway, as promised, I am publishing the PAR/GTK example for everyone
> here. I changed the namespace of the sample project to "pargtk" and
> also threw in the presentation so it's all kept in one place. I have
> allowed anonymous checkout to the project's repo and anyone wanting
> write access is welcome to provide to me a user/pass credential pair
> and I will allow write access to that person.
> To get a copy just:  svn co svn://svn.yabarana.com/pargtk
> The code I showed you is in the trunk. I also eliminated the binary
> from the repo because it took too much space and it also requires a
> build in each arch/pltaform so it really made no sense to keep such a
> large binary file in the project. The .pl executable should run
> without building the PAR file, and you should make sure it runs before
> attempting to build the binary.
> To build the single file binary just type make. For those that ask for
> write access: please don't upload the binary again!
> The presentation folder is in LaTeX/Beamer but the PDF is already
> built so no need to to make it.
> This small GTK project uses Glade3 and I think it could also serve the
> purpose to expand it to a fully functioning app to teach Perl/GTK
> development in future PM meetings. If there is any interest in Perl
> GTK Devel, I can probably develop this example a little bit more, and
> perhaps make a series of GTK workshops.
> As was mentioned in the meeting PAR + Perl GTK could be a n
> interesting cross-platform option for many.
> Best,
> --
> Alejandro Imass
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