[tpm] Follow-up on Feb 2012 Testing Talk

James E Keenan jkeen at verizon.net
Fri Mar 2 17:29:31 PST 2012

So it turns out that the folks organizing the DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop 
() want their tutorial-type presentations to run in 50-minutes timeslots 
-- not 20.  Which means I can actually add considerable material to the 
"82% of what you need" talk I gave last week.

What else should I cover in a talk for those new to Perl testing?  I 
welcome your suggestions.

(Below:  My own brainstorming.)

* Introduce ok() at an even more basic level: use of Test::Simple::ok() 
in a program (as distinct from testing functions from a package).

* Definitionally-oriented introductions of Test::Builder and Test::Harness.

* Mention of other prominent Test::* classes (though I actually don't 
use them much because I already accomplish so much with Test::More).

* Introduction of concept of coverage analysis.

* Introduction of concept of test-driven development.

* Illustration of use of 'make test' and './Build test'.

Your thoughts?


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