[tpm] Request for June 28th topics.

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I could do a few (15 .. 30) minutes on the latest things I'm trying to do to improve the OO design of things I write.  (Mainly due to Sandi Metz and her Smalltalk / Ruby experience, but the principles are applicable to developing OO programs in Perl).  The caveat is that you all might be tired of me, and I only have this evening to prepare!

I'd like to put the idea up for consideration that we could have a scheduled series of quick (10 .. 15 min) presentations scheduled well in advance on "interesting" technologies.  For example there are a couple of books http://pragprog.com/book/rwdata/seven-databases-in-seven-weeks and http://pragprog.com/book/btlang/seven-languages-in-seven-weeks where we could compare and contrast the languages with Perl.  If you take out winter socials, lightning talks, things like YAPC debriefs then that would give us a good year and a half of supplementary talks.


On 2012-06-26, at 4:30 PM, J Z Tam wrote:

> Dear mongeren, 
> All the responses from the YPAC-goers state their intentions to be absent this Thursday. IOW, the YPAC-revisited night is not this Thursday...perhaps July.
> 1. Could we crowdsource any other topics/speakers? please.
> 2. We'll set the deadline for a group decision at Wednesday 12:01pm aka Noontime, based upon replies.
> Thanks in advance for speakers, and comments.
> /jordan
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