[tpm] RFI: how to batch upload pics to image-hosting sites.

Alejandro Imass ait at p2ee.org
Mon Jun 4 17:54:19 PDT 2012

On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 12:58 PM, J Z Tam <jztam at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Q1: Which perl modules are in scope here?
> Q2: With which Sites have you had good experiences with, in terms of cost, useability, API's?

I tell you what, if this thread can help me find a picture site that
can meet these requirements (I don't care about paying for it), I will
pitch in and help with the API part. I am well versed in Web
automation and even for AJAX/DHTML intensive site using Mozrepl and

Must haves:
1) That I can upload images and share them to individuals only (private albums)
2) That people can access them without having to subscribe to the
site, just click the link and presto
Nice to haves:
3) That you can make downloading/save/print optional per share (e.g. I
want you to see it but not necessarily download)
4) mp4 support with compatible player for Linux, Mac (+ iOS) and Windoze

Yeah, I know that 3 is probably easily hackable but at least some
basic protections from the "normal" user such as context menu block,
and even an anti-screen-shot protection (client-side JS showing only
random pieces at a time just enough for a still image[1]).

And one final question, if such a site does not exists, don't you guys
think it would be very cool that it did? The target: people like me
who are on Facebook only because it helps me keep in touch with
people, but despise it in general, and I'd like to share stuff with
people without the fear of these pictures appearing on fb without my
authorization. Nor do I want to put mi images and videos somewhere
that wants to keep the right to them. I think there should be a simple
and clean _paid_ picture hosting service where you are in complete
control of your information.


Alejandro Imass


[1] I have JS code we developed for banks and gov that do this so it
can't be that hard for an image hosting site to offer such sort of
anti-screen-shot protection, and also to implement server side
protections on the image as well. Example, the server never delivers
the image but rather pieces of it that are rebuilt using some math
formula and that is request-specific.

> Please, thanks in advance.
> /jordan
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