[tpm] Call for speakers/topics for July 26th.

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Dear mongeren, 
  IIRC,  we had Alex.B reviewing his experience at YAPC.  
1.  Are there any mongers that will attend next Thursday willing to debrief us about their experiences at YAPC?
2.  Postgres.  Could someone reach out to Chris.Browne to ask if he's available for next Thursday..  that thread needs a little nudge towards revivication  ;-)
3. Any other topics at the tip of your tongues for next week?  Please do not be shy.  Yeah sure, the meek shall inherit the earth, but they get waaay less dates. jk.

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> Last night I spoke to Chris Browne, the prospective speaker on Postgres.


> He will be happy to come, but would like us to assemble our "Top 10

> Questions" on the topic in advance, so he can tailor the talk. What do

> people want to know?


> I'll toss in two, to get the discussion going;


> 1. Where does Postgres fit in the current computing ecosystem?

> 2. Which are the best books on it for a beginner?

I'd personally be interested in what I need to know when switching from MySQL to Postgres.  What are the main differences?  What are the pitfalls?

I second that question!

That's one of my two major issues... that, and time.

b) what about portability/availability/installation on other platforms/OSs?

c) on MySql a login is a login and a database is a database...
   on Oracle, a login _is_ a database...
   how does Postgres associate things?

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